The Karagheusian Foundation touches young Armenian lives and other children and families in need of essential healthcare, social assistance, formal education, and vocational training, as well as emergency relief in times of crisis. 

The Foundation currently supports non-governmental organizations in Lebanon and Armenia.


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Karagheusian Association for Child Welfare (KAWC)

Operating through several medical and pediatric centers in Lebanon, the Association focuses on mother and child development, with medical, social, psychological and educational services offered to people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and citizenships.


Howard Karagheusian Medical Benevolent Public Organization (HKMBPO)

The Organization provides pediatric dental, ophthalmological, and psycho-social services to children from vulnerable families in Armenia from infancy through childhood years.


The Karagheusian Association for Child Welfare (KAWC) was established to follow the lives of disadvantaged children throughout their developmental years—whether at home, in school, on the street, and in their leisure time. Its goal is to prepare them for the challenges they may experience from an uncertain future, helping them  to circumvent the pitfalls that could easily lead them astray during these critical years.

KAWC functions under the regulations of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and is a member of the High Council of Child Welfare in the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs. It operates three local centers. The main facility is located in Bourj Hammoud—an overpopulated city north of Beirut.  It focuses on mother and child development with medical, social, psychological, and educational services offered to people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and citizenships.



After the devastating earthquake in Spitak, Armenia in 1988, the Foundation established the local NGO-Howard Karagheusian Medical Benevolent Public Organization (HKMBPO). Through this organization, the Foundation donated $1 million to build a reconstructive surgery center in Yerevan and has supported its efforts to provide medical and social assistance to vulnerable families in Armenia. These far-reaching programs include children’s healthcare, medical equipment, and medication distribution, and support for orphanages and schools. 

Currently, there are various outreach programs in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, implemented through five centers in different cities. Yerevan (established in 1993, the main center for Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh), Gyumri (1995), Goris (1996), Stepanakert (1996), and Vanadzor (2000). Each provides primary dental and ophthalmological services to residents of those regions.

HKMBPO Professional Advisory Committee in Pediatric Dental Care

The Karagheusian Foundation always wants to stay ahead of developments in pediatric dental care so that it can provide the best service possible to the underserved communities it supports.  The Professional Advisory Committee provides guidance in the development of primary pediatric dental care within the Karagheusian Centers (HKMBPO) in Armenia. The members of the Professional Advisory Committee have been working with the supported organizations for years, bringing in overseas expertise to the centers within the organization and assisting in improving the operations of the pediatric dental programs of those centers.

Raffi Bagdassarian, DMD

Vartan Ghugasian, DMD

Myron Allukian Jr. DDS, MPH, Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Alumni Award from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine, the Thomas Evans (school founder)


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